Get a High Precision 3D Digital Twin of Your Space to Showcase, Collaborate or Work Remotely

High Accuracy & Quick Turnaround. Thousands of spaces captured, from 5 to 8000 sqm in Prominent Australian Industries

Present Detailed Virtual Tours

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What Have We Learned from Capturing Thousands of Spaces?

... Every point in the tour is important. Incorrect placements or bad staging can create a frustrating experience for the end user. 

... Field and office teams should collaborate in real time. Clients expect quick revisions and changes to the deliverables. Tools like Slack and Clickup help our teams to collaborate the client requirements with agility and precision. 

... Process is everything. On-Site 37 point checklist helps to eliminate errors for our field team. Project management tool allows transparency for all team members, remotely.

... Minimise the risks with clarity. You will know what to expect before every stage, including the workflow, legal and OH&S issues. Our field technicians are currently equipped with adequate PPE for all public or private work.

5 Years of Relationship

We are proud of our relationship with major Australian brands in different sectors:

Real Estate, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality industries

Other Services

Protect your bottom line with a set of attention grabbing, cost saving services

Marketing Video

Attract attention to your properties with short 15-sec videos, the perfect click-baits for social media platforms. Use longer videos as lead gen tool for your online or offline private inspections.

Floor & Ceiling Plans

Get quick and accurate top-down view floor plans or bottom-up ceiling plans for any space and everything inside it.

Annotation Tool

Get better conversion rates with annotative tags & pointers inside the virtual tours. You can highlight your features using images, videos, links or documents within the space.

Measure Anything

Measure any wall, door, window or items inside the space with up to 0.1% accuracy. This is a fast way to see if a new feature or a piece of furniture can go through doors or fits inside a space.

Point Cloud File

Receive a 3D mesh file or an indexed Point Cloud of your building project. Export high precision (0.1% – 1.0%) mesh file into Recap or Revit to cut as-built documentation time.

BIM Model

Order layered BIM models for your design or construction projects and save time & money. Import BIM files directly into Revit and use the point cloud to QA the outcome.

Award Winner Quality

Winner of 2017 Matty Award in History Category