All-In-One Content Package
For Hotels & Venues


– Immersive Virtual Tours
– 3D Floor Plans
– Photography
– Videography

Industry frontiers have done it already!
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5 Reasons To Move Forward

Happier Guests

Avoid surprises and increase booking confidence for your guests. Give your guests an immersive experience of your properties, amenities and spaces before they arrive

Increase Booking Budget $$$

Photos alone do not convey the real value your hotel offers. Guests could increase their allocated budget when they exactly know what they’re paying for

Easier Booking Upgrades

Showcase other rooms and facilities while your guests are checking in. Show them your top 3 rooms in less than 3 minutes. It’s now time to up-sell

Pick Up More Events

Event planners can take your hotel to their customers, show them different setups and engage them with an interactive experience that helps their customers to make faster buying decisions

Improve Website Engagement

Visitors spend up to 4X more time in the tour and on your website, leading to increase the number of bookings and revenue

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Our Golden Star Package

Video Production

Virtual Tour

Professional Photography

Floor Plans

Our Golden Star Package includes Aerial Cinematography, Virtual Tour (built-in VR), Professional Photography and Floor Plans.

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