Reality Capture


Reality capture is the practice of quickly and cost effectively collecting the best, most recent and most accurate data about real-world conditions of any existing space.

The most common types of reality capture use 3D Laser Scanners, Drone Photogrammetry and Satellite Remote Sensing to collect images, dimensions and other data to produce Digital Twins, Immersive Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, Contours, DEMs and 3D Point Clouds.

  • Builders & Real Estate: Appealing customer experience is key in the real estate sector. Digital twin implementation can play a key role in augmenting the customer experience by creating 24/7 open display homes via immersive virtual tours.
  • Hotels & Venues: Digital Twins along with data from IoT can play a key role in the hospitality sector from marketing to event planning and even property maintenance.
  • AEC & MEP: Digital Twins help architects and engineers with planning, monitoring progress, efficient management of resources, reducing site visits and measuring remotely.
  • Assets & Facilities Management: With digital twin implementation you can monitor, maintain and remotely collaborate with contractors and stakeholders by virtually bringing your assets and facilities to them.

Builders & Real Estate


Facilities Management