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Suitable for all devices

It is very easy to use in the tablet and smart phone as well as laptop and computers, browsers of online property listings can view a unique 3D floor plan of a property and form a complete understanding of the layout of a place similar to a ‘doll house’ view.

VR Goggles

Do not trouble yourself when you have the magic of virtual reality (VR). Visiting virtually means no traveling to visit a place, no time arrangement on weekend, no heat or cold, dust or insect. All you need is a few minutes and a favorite chair to enjoy a cool new property.

Virtual Inspection

In terms of inspection; the properties can be viewed by much wider market including overseas buyer. Virtual Inspection also gives this opportunity to other business retails to show their facilities and place to the public like Gym, Restaurant, Exhibitions, Galleries, etc.

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360 Degree 3D View

It allows you to better understand what you could be visiting or investing in, and ultimately decide whether it is the right place or property for you.

Save Time

Covering many area of interest not possible travelling from one side of the city to another; you have much better chance of finding what you really want.

Infinite Inspections

Unlimited Inspections

It enables home buyers and visitors move through a property or place so they will have unlimited inspection for your place or property without spending time and money.

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